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These are just some of the products that we have to offer and are aways looking for more, We bring them to your leaugh or school at the lowest price.

Sports leauge order forms

We supply all order forms at no extra cost for your leauge or high school

Packages starting at a low cost of just  $ 25.00


custom magizine covers
we custom magazine covers for your school or sports league
With leauge or schools logo
magizine covers can be made for any sports or club.


Patrick Toth Sports Photography
call us now for bookings
61 Selden Blvd.
Centereach, NY 11720
Tel: 631-220-2448

Our high Qulity cut and pop out products are a grate add on for our customers.
Pop outs and cut outs are made of the picture we take and it is placed between two pices of plastic and sealed toghter and mounted on a stand, thay can be order on photo day as a add-on, or can be orded on line after order has been shiped to the customer. They can also be order on a re-order form that is shiped with there order.
Make Grate Grantparents gifts, father day and mothers or day

Patrick Toth sports photography * *61 Selden Blvd. Centereach* NY * 11720